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Ancient History Pathfinder: With a focus on Alexander the Great & The Fall of the Roman Empire

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Primary Sources

Using Primary Sources on the Web --  helps define primary sources, locating primary sources on the World Wide Web, how to evaluate web sites and citing sources information.  (Written in 2003 by the Instruction & Research Services Committee of the Reference and User Service Association History Section in the American Library Association)

How to Locate Primary Sources in Buhl Library   ---- If you are looking for more primary documents, see our list of Web Sites below!


HENRY, the library’s catalog, is searchable by author, title, or subject.   Locating books in the library: Click here for more info

Selected Subject Headings -- (these are just a sampling of subject headings): 

Alexander, the Great, 356-323 B.C.

Greece – Kings and rulers --Biography

Byzantine Empire – Civilization


Byzantine Empire – History – To 527

Mediterranean Region – History – To 476

Greece – History – Macedonian Expansion, 359-323 B.C.

Rome – History – Empire, 284-476

Greece – History – Macedonian Hegemony, 323-281 B.C.

Rome -- History -- Empire, 30 B.C.-476 A.D

Online Book Portals & Gateways -- Links for locating books that are in the public domain.      Use the library’s Interlibrary Loan service to get books the library does not own


Cambridge Ancient History 

  Ref D 57 .C25 v.3

 ~~~ You can now access the Cambridge Ancient History listed above (and more) online via Cambridge Histories Online

Daily Life through World History in Primary Documents

  Ref CB 69 .D35 2008 v. 1-3

The Encyclopedia of World History : Ancient, Medieval, and Modern

  Ref D 21 .E578 2001

Great Events from History. The Ancient World, Prehistory - 476 C.E.

  Ref D 65 .G74 2004 v.1 - 2

Great Lives from History. The Ancient World, Prehistory - 476 C.E.

  Ref CT 113 .G745 2004 v.1 - 2

New Catholic Encyclopedia

  Ref BX  841 .N44 2002  v. 1 - 15

Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium

  Ref DF 521 .O93 1991

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt


Search the  Encyclopaedia Britannica Online  or  Oxford Reference Online Database for background information.  You can also find online reference books and some primary documents in the Daily Life through History database.

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier – This database covers most academic areas of study and provides lots of full-text availability.

Historical Abstracts -- Index to articles, books, and dissertations on world history (excluding the US and Canada).

JSTOR -- Access to scholarly journals in a variety of disciplines, including more than 100 history journals. This resource is almost entirely full-text!

Project Muse – Brought to us from Johns Hopkins University, this database provides access to scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences and is 100% full-text!

If the library does not have access to the journal you need, click HERE for information on document delivery!

Web Sites

*** Some of the Internet Sourcebook sites have not been updated recently. They may contain some links that are no longer available.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook (Fordham University) – Contains information and primary sources on the ancient societies of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, as well as early Christianity.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook (Fordham University) – Contains information and primary sources on the Renaissance, the Reformation and Luther, Sex and gender, and the medieval church.

Internet Women’s History Sourcebook (Fordham University) – Contains information and primary sources on women throughout history, beginning with the ancient world and continuing into the present.

Perseus – Contains the largest number of classical texts, fiction and non-fiction, on the web as well as a stunning number of artifact pictures.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – Try browsing by subject (history) or author (which lists their dates). Contains a lot of information about the early church.

EyeWitness to History.com – Contains excerpts from primary sources from ancient times through the twentieth century.

Guide to Early Church Documents -- includes canonical documents, creeds, the writings of the Apostolic Fathers and other historical texts relevant to church history.

Forum Romanum – Online links to Roman texts, as well as online books about the history and life in Ancient Rome

Internet Classics Archive – Online translations of the works of Josephus, Plutarch, and others

Diotima – Bibliography and other online resources documenting the position of women in the ancient world

Getting Help

** If you didn’t find what you need here, try the History Research Guide. You may find other helpful books, databases, and web sites listed by region, subject or time period.

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