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Abbreviations for books of the Bible1

Chicago Manual of Style

(This alphabetical list includes traditional abbreviations and commonly used shorter forms.  Note that the shorter forms include no periods.  An equals sign indicates alternative names for the same books.)

 The Jewish Bible/Old Testament 

Abbreviation: Book:
Amos or Am Amos
1 Chron. or 1 Chr 1 Chronicles
2 Chron. or 2 Chr 2 Chronicles
Dan. or Dn Daniel
Deut. or Dt Deuteronomy
Eccles. or Eccl Ecclesiastes
Esther or Est Esther
Exod. or Ex Exodus
Ezek. or Ez Ezekiel
Ezra or Ezr Ezra
Gen. or Gn Genesis
Hab. or Hb Habakkuk
Hag. or Hg Haggai
Hosea or Hos Hosea
Isa. or Is Isaiah
Jer. or Jer Jeremiah
Job or Jb Job
Joel or Jl Joel
Jon. or Jon Jonah
Josh. or Jo Joshua
Judg. or Jgs Judges
1 Kings or 1 Kgs 1 Kings
2 Kings or 2 Kgs 2 Kings
Lam. or Lam Lamentations
Lev. or Lv Leviticus
Mal. or Mal Malachi
Mic. or Mi Micah
Nah. or Na Nahum
Neh. or Neh Nehemiah
Num. or Nm Numbers
Obad. or Ob Obadiah
Prov. or Prv Proverbs
Ps. (pl.Pss.) or Ps (pl. Pss) Psalms
Ruth or Ru Ruth
1 Sam. or 1 Sm 1 Samuel
2 Sam. or 2 Sm 2 Samuel
Song of Sol. or Sg Song of Solomon (=Song of Songs)
Zech. or Zec Zechariah
Zeph. or Zep Zephaniah

The Apocrypha

Abbreviation: Book:
Bar. or Bar     Baruch
Ecclus. Ecclesiasticus (=Sirach)
1 Esd.   1 Esdras
2 Esd. 2 Esdras
Jth. or Jdt   Judith
1 Macc. or 1 Mc   1 Maccabees
2 Macc. or 2 Mc 2 Maccabees
Pr. of Man. Prayer of Manasses (=Manasseh)
Sir Sirach (=Ecclesiasticus)
Song of Three Children Song of the Three Holy Children
Sus.       Susanna
Tob. or Tb   Tobit
Ws  Wisdom (=Wisdom of Solomon)
Wisd. of Sol.  Wisdom of Solomon (=Wisdom)

The New Testament 

Abbreviation: Book:
Acts                                                    Acts of the Apostles
Apoc. Apocalypse (=Revelation)
Col. or Col Colossians
1 Cor. or 1 Cor 1 Corinthians
2 Cor. or 2 Cor 2 Corinthians
Eph. or Eph Ephesians
Gal. or Gal Galatians
Heb. or Heb  Hebrews
James or Jas James
John or Jn John (Gospel)
1 John or 1 Jn 1 John (Epistle)
2 John or 2 Jn 2 John (Epistle)
3 John or 3 Jn   3 John (Epistle)
Jude  Jude
Luke or Lk Luke
Mark or Mk  Mark
Matt. or Mt  Matthew
1 Pet. or 1 Pt  1 Peter
2 Pet. or 2 Pt 2 Peter
Philem. or Phlm Philemon
Phil. or Phil Philippians
Rev. or Rv Revelation (=Apocalypse)
Rom. or Rom Romans
1 Thess. or 1 Thes 1 Thessalonians
2 Thess. or 2 Thes 2 Thessalonians
1 Tim. or 1 Tm  1 Timothy
2 Tim. or 2 Tm 2 Timothy
Titus or Ti  Titus

Versions and sections of the Bible 

Abbreviation: Book:
Apoc. Apocrypha
ARV American Revised Version
ASV American Standard Version
AT American Translation
AV  Authorized (King James) Version
CEV Contemporary English Version
DV  Douay Version
ERV English Revised Version
EV                   English version(s)
HB Hebrew Bible
JB Jerusalem Bible
LXX Septuagint
MT Masoretic Text
NAB New American Bible
NEB New English Bible
NJB New Jerusalem Bible
NRSV New Revised Standard Version
NT New Testament
OT Old Testament
RV Revised Version
RSV Revised Standard Version
Syr. Syriac
Vulg. Vulgate
WEB World English Bible

 1Information taken from The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed., 2010, sections 10.45 - 51 pp. 510 - 514

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