Dr. D. Brown
COMM 427 - Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

Becker, S.L: Rhetorical Studies for the Contemporary World
Benoit, W. L.: Framing through temporal metaphor: The "Bridges" of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton in their 1996 Acceptance Addresses
Foss, S.K: Criteria for adequacy in rhetorical criticism
Heinz, B. & Lee, L.: Getting down to the meat: The symbolic construction of meat consumption
Ling, D.A.: Pentadic analysis of Senator Edward Kennedy's Address to the People of Massachusetts, July 25, 1969
McLaughlin, E. W. : The Power of Living Parables for Transformative Interfaith Encounters
Palczewski, C.H.: What is "Good Criticism?" A conversation in progress
Lee, R. & Lee, K.K.: Multicultural Education in the Little Red Schoolhouse

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