Dr. P. Kengor
HUMA 302
- Modern Civilization in International Perspective

Churchill, Winston: The Iron Curtain 
Cobb, Franks: Interpretation of President Wilson's Fourteen Points 
Howard, John:  World War 2: A Half Century and a Whole Civilization Ago
Kengor, Paul: Forgotten GIs of the Aleutian Campaign 
Kengor, Paul: The Final Word on the Atomic Bomb 
Kengor, Paul: The Human Kennan
Kennan, George: Sources of Soviet Conduct 
Nash, George: Slouching Toward Catastrophe: 1914-1939 (copy and paste the following url to access: http://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/slouching-toward-catastrophe-19141939/ )
Reagan's "Evil Empire" Speech 
Stimson, Henry: The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb 
Truman, President Harry S.: The Truman Doctrine 
Williams, Walter : Are We a Republic or a Democracy?
Wilson, Woodrow: The League of Nations

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